Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What happened next??

Now that I have dug myself out of the snow I'll tell you what hapened next.

The fellow I was talking about last said that he understood that he was a sinner on the road to hell because he couldn't measure up to God's righteous standard. I asked him how he could get to heaven if God will only allow the righteous in?
He said that he didn't know.
I explained to him that God sent his only son into the world to live the perfect life that we can't and offeres that perfect life in place of ours if we would confess that Jesus Christ is God, that God raised him from the dead, and repent from our sins.
He said "oh".
I explained it all to him again as best as I could, praying the whole time for this kid to get it.
I asked him if he would like to make a descision for Christ tonight and know that he will go to heaven when he died.
He said "I dunno".
So, I asked him if he would like to read something alone at home that explaines the Gospel.
He said "sure".
So I gave him a Sk8church tract and asked him to read it and talk with me about it next week.
He said "ok".

That was over a month ago now and the guy still hasn't moved past the point of understanding his need for a Saviour.
But, praise God, he is still alive and coming to Skatechurch with the seed of the truth of the Gospel in his heart. I ask him every week how he is doing and if he has any questions. I give him more to read as well.

Please pray for him. He is normal. Most kids that come to Skatechurch hear the Gospel, understand it, and never make a commitment to Christ.

Next time, I'll tell you about the other guy I spoke with that night and also about the opportunity I have to go back to Ireland this July to help plant a Skatechurch!!

Stay dry.

Keep in the Word.

Be ready in season and out of season...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"lets take this one step at a time"

I just realized today why it is I don't post on my blog too much. It takes too much time b/c I am trying to include too much info!
So, lets take this one step at a time.

Two weeks ago on high school night after the talk, I got to talk with two very different and neat guys.
The first guy sat down next to me and asked me how I was doing.
I praised the Lord for the obvious opportunity and told him that I was fine. We chatted for a bit about family and school and then I asked him about his experience at Skatechurch and what he believed in. He told me that he had been coming to Skatechurch for a while but that he he didn't know what he believed in.
So, I asked him the obvious question about where he thought he might end up when he died.
He said that he didn't know.
So I asked him if he thought he was a good person.
He said yeah.
I said that I figured that that was probably true if he only measures himself against his friends, family, or even the staff at Skatechurch.
So I asked him how he might rate against God.
"I dunno", he said.
So I led him through Gods righteous standard, the 10 commandments, and asked him after each one if he had ever broken one.
By the end of this wee conversation he admitted that he was not only a thief but an adulterer, a liar, and even a murderer!
He seemed surprised!
I told him that we all have this problem and that the place God has set aside for people like us is Hell.
I asked him if he wanted to go there.
He said "no".
I agreed.

In my future post I'll tell you what happened next!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Canada 2008 Slideshow

So I feel ridiculous- I've put video on here before, but I can't remember how, and I don't have time to figure it out. So here's the link to a rad video that one of the staff guys put together from the last trip. Enjoy!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Its the weekend, time to work!

Friday is here again.
Paise the Lord. I've been neglecting my house all week. Hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to get under the house and finish installing the insulation that was given to me last winter.

Work has been great as I now have (due to selling an old tool) a MP3 player loaded with the Bible that I listen to while biking to work or walking my buildings doing inspections.
What a blessing to be encouraged by the truth while working Godless atmosphere.

School is back in full swing at my house with my wonderful wifeLaurel at the helm.
Daisy is in the lead with math, science, english, spanish and music.
Ian is running a close second with reading, writing, and 'rithmatic.
Asher is bringing up the rear (and his loose hand me down pants) with reading and such.

Skatechurch was a winner last Tuesday!
  • I met a great new kid - Who's name I've forgotten already : (
  • My old friend Spencer came back by and we were able to catch up- I also tried to wrestle him to the ground and give him a wedggie but, alas, he was too quick.
  • The Gospel was presented by Mr. Ben Stormet- A ripping talk that focused everyone in the room on the brevity of life and the shurity of the afterlife; both good and terrible.
  • I messed with Nick- another long time attender who, after I doused him with an old water bottle and chased him around the parking lot, said that he was going to get back at me by dressing up as me for the Skatechurch non-haloween party called "Gnlarloween".
  • Had an encouraging conversation on the Glory of God with my old friend and fellow staff member Scott. He is 6 years younger than me and yet pushes me toward Godliness more than most who are my elder. Scott loves his Bible and worships Jesus with his life. So good!!!!!!!!

Our Tuesday 6:30 am intern meeting was also great as we spent time following up on the years salvation descisions and then praying for them. We then swept up the warehouse while dave hung up the old Gospel signs that go around the park and show the way to Christ.

Laurel and I hope to have our new support letter out by the end of the month so be looking for that!

Ex. 23:12

12 "Six days do your work, but on the seventh day do not work, so that your ox and your donkey may rest and the slave born in your household, and the alien as well, may be refreshed.

God bless you in your daily work!

Joel and Laurel

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who's in charge here!!????

Hello again folks!
I wanted to drop you a line and let you know the happenings over at skatechurch as of late.

The tuesday night high school ministry has been going well. We have seen some more kids coming by due to the weather getting cold and rainy. There has also been a new crop of jr. high kids that have moved up to highschool. It has been great to meet these new folks,skate with them, and get to know them.
One new fellow who has just started to attend tells me that he spent his whole summer in Africa visiting his mother. I asked him what it was like to spend a summer in Africa. He said that he did alot of wandering around and playing with weird animals.
The interesting thing is that the first night he came by the talk was a kind of open forum where the kids asked two staff members any questions they had regarding the Bible and christianity or anything else they had on their wee little hearts. The Africa kid asked a really important question: "Does God send the African bushman to hell if the bushman never hears the Gospel of Jesus Christ?"
Everyones ears pearked up in anticipation of the answer. What would the staff say? I know I was on the edge of my seat for the reply.
The high school intern, Dave, calmly responded, " That is a really good question. What do you think?" The kid said that he thought that it would be wrong for God to put someone in hell for being ignorant. Dave agreed, it would be wrong for a righteous and Holy God to condemn anyone to hell if that person had no opportunity to hear the gospel. Dave then did something very wise, he opened his Bible. He read from it passages about the sin nature of man, the duty of believers, the bent of mans heart, and the revelation of God to mankind. He also explained the fact that these bushmen are in this situation because at some point in the past their ancestors rejected the word of God and followed after gods of their own making. He then read passages speaking about the overwhelming mercy God has for us all in that He would that none perish but that all be saved.
The Africa kid had something to chew on now. Not just man's opinion but the word of God. Dave showed him that it does'nt matter what our opinion of morality is or what we think God should do, what matters is what the Bible says.
It's things like this that keep me motivated to work at Skatechurch. When ministry nights happen there, everyone gets convicted by the Bible teaching; both staff and student.
I believe that the ministry of Skatechurch is as relevant as ever.
We are living in a time of man centered opinion/morality is being taught in more and more places, including the church. How refreshing to hear the whole Bible taught, to skateboarders of all people, without any watering down of the message.
I invite you to come by and see what it is all about some night. The times and location are posted on the skatechurch website.
Hope to see you there!
Maby you will catch the bug and want to be a part of the ministry too!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who's out there?

We are just wondering-- does this blog get read? Are you interested in it? Are you a supporter- is this a good way to keep you up-to-date? Please, if you read this blog; whether you are one of our supporters or not--leave a comment. It doesn't have to be big. Just say hi. Let us know if this is worth continuing; if it is encouraging to you............

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Safely Home- Day 5

Well, they all made it back safely!! Thank you so much for your prayers!!! The old vans made it all the way back with just a few hiccups and no stranding.;) Joel is catching up on a week's worth of missed sleep; we are trying to be patient waiting for him. ;-)
So I have to share a story about God's provision from last week.....
On Tuesday, I sat down and balanced the checkbook and paid rent. And put all the rest of the bills back in the drawer b/c we had to money to pay them yet- and I had no idea where we were going to get the money with Joel missing a full week of work. Joel and I talked about it- prayed- and went on with our week. Yesterday, Friday, I had to go grocery shopping. I sat down, tried to figure out what we absolutely needed and what we could go without for awhile. Daisy went out and brought in the mail as I was getting my purse. I glanced at it before we left, opened a letter, and promptly burst into tears. God is so amazing. His timing is perfect, and His care for us beyond imagination. In that letter (from some amazing people who walk with the Lord) was a check. For the amount we needed to make up from Joel missing work. We got all the groceries we needed.
Thank you. Without your prayers and support, we wouldn't be making it very far.
God is good. All the time.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Days 2-4

I wanted to post every day and let you know how things are going- but the kids and I have been so busy, I just haven't gotten around to it! I apologize.
Things are going well on the trip. On Tuesday, the rain held off until 4pm, so they got some good skating time in. Today it rained a lot, so they only got a little bit of time at one park- but they've all had great attitudes. Joel said it has been an amazing trip this year. A lot of time encouraging each other in the Word, witnessing, and just reading the Word. What a blessing! Pray that this will be lasting for them all- that they will come home and continue to feast in the Bible and grow!
The kids and I are doing well. We've taken the opportunity to do our fall cleaning while Joel is gone. The house has been dusted and scrubbed top to bottom. Admittedly, I skipped a few closets and the laundry/mud room- but the rest of the house is quite clean. :) Tomorrow, I need to focus on getting things ready for the school year, as we will be homeschooling. Daisy will be in 2nd grade (except in math) and Ian will be starting Kindergarten; so I will have a lot of organizing to do to prepare for that!
Thank you so very much for all your prayers! Tomorrow the skaters come home. (we are very excited!) Pray that they will have a safe and uneventful time on the roads. So far the old vans are doing well- pray for that to continue!! Thank you!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 1

Well, they got to Canada safely. No break-downs, no problems. Praise the Lord!!
Joel says things are going well. Everyone is having good attitudes (which is very important, as the weather report for Vancouver B.C. is rain all week). Scott (staff guy) is stirring the kids up to talk to people at the skateparks about the Gospel. It's been great- they've been witnessing at every park. The funny part is- they keep running into people that are also on Bible study trips!
Keep praying!
Thank you,

Friday, August 22, 2008

Off we go!

Well, Canada time has come around again. This is the seminal Sk8church event of the summer where we take the top crop of Bible study kids across the boarder and encourage them to be Godly while we all suffer under the heavy burden of sleeping on the floor, skateboarding too much, and showering too little.

Please pray for us!!!!!!!!!
1. Safety- We are driving very far in old vans with a lot of skateboarders (a situation that strikes fear into the hearts of cops, parents, and pastors alike).
2. fellowship- What an opportunity!! Kids that I usually only see one day a week at the most will be stuck with me for hours at a time. Lets bear some fruit people!!
3. Word- Daily Bible teaching will be done by the leadership. Pray for wisdom, clarity, & conviction.

Please give!!!!!!!
My family relys soley on the giving of our supporters and the grace of GOD in order to do this trip.
If you can, kick down a few bucks to help us in this endevour to minister to Sk8church kids for a whole week.
If you can't pay, pray!!
Laurel will be posting updates all next week so you can keep up with the chaos that is the Canada trip.
God bless you real good,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Canada Trip is coming!

Well, next Monday Joel leaves for Canada for a week. The kids that have been consistent in coming to Bible study over the last year are being rewarded with 5 days of Canadian Skateparks. It is such a great time. So much discipleship gets to happen!
But we need your prayers! Please pray:
- For safety for everybody on the trip as they travel hundreds of miles in old vans.
-that the vehicles would hold together and work well the whole time
-that on this trip, everybody (even the staff) would be encouraged in the LORD and grow closer to Him
-for me and the kids, that we would be safe and I would be patient and strong as the single parent for the week. (this week has tended in the past to be one of big accidents for the kids- please pray that this year none of us has to go to the emergency room)
-for finances. Joel is missing a week of work and we cannot afford it. Please pray that we can pay our bills at the end of the month. And if you would like to help us financially as well as in prayer- you can make an online tax-deductible donation at Skatechurch.net.Just be sure to specify for Joel Coombs.

Thank you.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The continual need

Hello all,
Since my last post the fellow that I wrote about and gave scripture to has not yet returned to sk8church. I spoke to the staff about him at one of our regular meetings and we are continuing to pray for him.
These last few weeks have been quite a strain on my family as I have been working two jobs while trying to fulfill my duties at Sk8church. Needless to say, I let everyone down. My family suffered as I was gone all day working, my work suffered as I was over occupied and couldn't concentrate, and my ministry suffered as I was to brain dead to do much besides sit around and gawk.
Thank God, I have finished the second job, a side job (as of saturday night at about 11pm) , and will not be accepting any new side work as long as my current job holds out and my supporters don't quit.
For those of you who don't know my new job, I have been promoted to a building superintendent with the company I got hired on to about 7 months ago. I have been in the construction field for about 12 years, with 7 of those years involved in property management/maintainence. This job is the first job I have ever had that required me to sit at a desk in front of a computer and answer the phone for most of the day. The rest of my day is filled up with walking around and making sure that my buildings are up to snuff.
This job has been an answer to prayer as my body continued to degenerate under the load of heavy construction and skateboarding. Praise be to God!!
In other news, last week I was at a local Fred Meyer shopping for my family on my way home from work when a fellow shouted my name and stopped me. It was an old Skatechurch kid who I hadn't seen in a few years. We were able to catch up a bit, chat about his job at that same Fred Meyer store, and I was able to invite him to church!
I love running into these fellows around town. So many times on the various ministry nights I am unable to talk with them so it is great to see them out and about and talk with them one on one away from their skateboards.
Last night, me and my kids went outside to play on my mini ramp and soon noted that it had passed away without us noting it! Oh well, now I need to tear it down and throw it away so my kids don't get hurt on its various parts of decomposition.
Oh dear, it's 8am and I need to work now.

Pray for Canada trip,
pray for fruitful ministry night this tues.,
Thank you!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Have a look at this!

I thought you all might enjoy this. It is a compilation done by Dave Smith from Skatechurch.
It is pictures from a variety of the annual Skatechurch Canada Trip. This August is the "last" one they will be taking. I say "last" because it is the third "last" trip; as the border regulations have been supposed to change to require passports and they keep changing when that will happen. When it does, Skatechurch will not be able to take the kids that have been faithful to come to weekly Bible studies up there. So we are thankful for this opportunity for discipleship for one more year!


BTW, I am very proud of myself for learning how to post this for you! It is the first time I've been able to do this. :-)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Answer to Prayer!

For all of you who have been praying for our daughter, Daisy; we have good news to report!Today I took her to the ophthamologist and we got Good News!! For those of you who don't know, we've been dealing with some inflammation in her left eye for about 8 months now--although it was probably there for a lot longer as we only found out about it when she started getting scar tissue in her iris. It affected her vision; but there wasn't anything really visible-no redness, etc. Anyway, today her vision was the same in both eyes (around 20/25, I think), and the retina specialist said there were no actively inflamed cells and it looks really good. We are so happy!! No more eye patches for the rest of the summer. She is thrilled! God is so good! :D :D
Her next appointment to monitor her vision and make sure the inflammation doesn't pop up again is in late September.
Thank you all so very much for praying for her! Your prayers have made a huge difference in our lives!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A great night of ministry!

Last night at high school night I was scheduled to share the Gospel. Needless to say I hadn't had much time to prepare but, as usual, I had a great bunch of folks praying for me. When I arrived an old skatechurch friend that I hadn't seen in a while came by and let me know that he was still following the Lord and that he had received my support letter and wanted to begin to support me. BTW, he is 19 years old.
I can't tell you what a blessing it was to catch up with this guy re: his walk with the Lord and his family. I was now ready to share the Gospel!!!!!!!!!!!
My friend left and I went inside to prepare the message (I had a rough idea of what I wanted to share but needed to add some meat to it). As I sat down to prepare another kid came over to me and sat down wanting to talk.
We chatted for about 15 min. about his injuries and his church home and his hopes for the future.
I then got up and skated about for a bit and chatted with about 10 other fellows while skating with them.
Then it was 7:30; talk time!!
The kids were told to sit down, reminded of the rules for the talk, and I went up to speak. I still didn't know what to say!!
In moments like these it always seems best to pray. So I did.
The Lord answered my prayers and I proceeded to share the Gospel through the story of David and Bathsheba.
The main point of the talk was that we, just like David, are guilty of worshipping worldly things rather than God.
I called the fellows to repentance and did an altar call. No one responded so I reminded them that the staff are only here for them and that if they have any questions to come and ask them.
One fellow came up to me and said that he was very confused. He said that thought that he was a Christian but that I had spoken of Davids sin of adultery and its consequences and he was wondering why he didn't feel guilty for recently getting his girlfriend pregnant.
In moments like these it always seems best to pray. So I did.
I explained to him that just because his friends thought it was great that he was going to be a father didn't mean that God agreed with them. I asked him if he read his Bible and he said yes but only the O.T. because the N.T. was too confusing.
I told him to go for a skate and that I would find something in the N.T. that would bring clairity to his situation. I wrote him up a quick note to read the sermon on the mount and to come back next week and tell me what he thought of it.
He took the note and said that he would and was very excited to learn more about his standing with God.
Please pray for this guy that he would get into the Word and that God would bless him with His truth. Pray for me as I need wisdom to speak into this guys life next week.
Thank you,

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good Sunday

Hi! This is Joel's wife :-D
I know it's Tuesday, but I haven't had time to get this up-yesterday was crazy. But then, Mondays usually are.

Last Sunday was Potluck Sunday at Eden Bible Church . Our potlucks are held in the Skatechurch warehouse; so there's always some skating involved at some point. Which means it's a great time for Joel to invite some of the guys that haven't been coming to church for a while. And, lo and behold, some came!! Brian and David, two guys that claimed Christ a while back but have since reverted to previous behaviour (See Luke, the parable of the sower--the seeds among the thorns), came to church--and stayed for a while after to skate and talk. Joel was able to give Brian a ride to and from church and so had opportunity to talk to him. He said it went well. (that's all I know) Please be praying for these guys. They are aware of the Truth, but have not allowed it to set them free.

Saturday evening, when Joel invited these guys to church, he had some other guys respond to his text message as well. Some of these guys are in the same situation as Brian and David---they have claimed to know Christ, and followed Him for awhile, but now are blowing it all off--living as they please. This is the saddest thing that happens at Skatechurch. The exciting thing is that these particular guys are still in some contact with Joel. A lot of guys that do this aren't seen or heard from again for many years if ever. Please pray that they will stay in contact and start coming to church on a regular basis.

And if you're wondering---yes, Joel sends invitations to church via text message. He used to call them, but they would rarely answer their phones and even more rarely listen to their voicemail. He tried text messaging, and the majority of them responded. We had to change his cell phone plan to be able to connect with the kids. This computerized, wireless culture means some odd methods of communication!!

And for those of you who are tired of all the text on this blog, here my favorite picture of the littlest skateboarder: (our youngest son)

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Oh man, I accidently went outside. Summer hit me in the face and then proceeded to drip down my body.
Tomorrow we get to go to the second best part of church....POTLUCK!!!
Seriously, what could be better than watching a room of Godly folks try to eat and communucate at the same time? "Constrain yourself pastor!"
Oh Yeah, my best friend (Laurel) will be coming on to make comments on this site from time to time. Don't try anything funny.
Hope to hear from you!
Tell me what you think re: the blog or I will only type frog.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Who is Jesus?

Who cares?

So what?

The apathy of the “evangelical” church in America bothers me. It seems that the only things that excite faithful parishioners are happiness and financial freedom. Conversation’s about Jesus, who is called “Christ” or “Messiah”, seldom reaches the head of the timely geyser of information that bubbles through our days. Why? I think it is because Jesus doesn’t really speak to the needs of our lives.
And how could He? Didn’t He die over two thousand years ago? What does He know of high fuel prices, addiction, depression, job markets, divorce, housing, health care, inflation, bureaucracy, relationships, illness, and insecurity? Jesus and the book that tells about Him is outdated and ridiculous. It is obvious to anyone that the pressures of our modern world call for something more substantial than the good teachings of a Jewish carpenter. We need answers for global warming, our economy, and the future of America. Let’s move forward!!

Sound familiar?
This is the teaching of our age. There is nothing new about it. History has mocked the Bible, its writers, followers, and the Lord of creation from the beginning. Why would the depraved age we live in be any different than any other depraved age?
Our world is in a constant effort to “..gather around them a great number of teachers to say what there itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”- II Tim. 4:3-4
Also, because mankind was made by God to Worship Him, they seek spirituality. “But mark this: there will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—having a form of godliness but denying its power.”-II Tim. 3:1-5.
The world doesn’t need some new teaching to “move forward”. The world needs conviction of sin that leads to repentance and an acceptance of the complete work of Jesus Christ on the cross for their sin that they might be made righteous by that work before a Holy God. The church needs to deliver this message. Not a “gushy gospel” of the love of Jesus and how he wants to be your friend and give you stuff. That “gospel” condemns, it does not save sinners from the righteous judgment of a Holy creator.
One of the five axioms of Sk8church says that we must give a “clear, confrontational, Gospel” message every night the ministry has its doors open. This means that as staff/leaders, we are expected to go cross grain to the apathetic “christianity” that pervades our culture by declaring the Gospel of the finished work of Jesus Christ (God in a body) on the cross.

Skatechurch has been faithfully doing this for almost twenty-two years. I have had the privilege of being held accountable by this ministry for almost nine years. I can’t tell you the extent of the blessing me and my family have enjoyed through our involvement with the leaders and the kids that make up the ministry of Skatechurch. All I can say is that I want to do more! But I can't do it without you. Without your prayers and financial help, I am unable to work at Skatechurch because I must provide for my family first. With your help, I can be involved in the task of furthering the Kingdom.

This blog is where I will post irregular but frequent updates about what God is doing at Skatechurch and how I am involved. I hope this is an encouragement to you.

If you are not one of our regular supporters, and you are interested in this ministry; you can get more information and donate online, tax-deductible, at Skatechurch.net.