Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good Sunday

Hi! This is Joel's wife :-D
I know it's Tuesday, but I haven't had time to get this up-yesterday was crazy. But then, Mondays usually are.

Last Sunday was Potluck Sunday at Eden Bible Church . Our potlucks are held in the Skatechurch warehouse; so there's always some skating involved at some point. Which means it's a great time for Joel to invite some of the guys that haven't been coming to church for a while. And, lo and behold, some came!! Brian and David, two guys that claimed Christ a while back but have since reverted to previous behaviour (See Luke, the parable of the sower--the seeds among the thorns), came to church--and stayed for a while after to skate and talk. Joel was able to give Brian a ride to and from church and so had opportunity to talk to him. He said it went well. (that's all I know) Please be praying for these guys. They are aware of the Truth, but have not allowed it to set them free.

Saturday evening, when Joel invited these guys to church, he had some other guys respond to his text message as well. Some of these guys are in the same situation as Brian and David---they have claimed to know Christ, and followed Him for awhile, but now are blowing it all off--living as they please. This is the saddest thing that happens at Skatechurch. The exciting thing is that these particular guys are still in some contact with Joel. A lot of guys that do this aren't seen or heard from again for many years if ever. Please pray that they will stay in contact and start coming to church on a regular basis.

And if you're wondering---yes, Joel sends invitations to church via text message. He used to call them, but they would rarely answer their phones and even more rarely listen to their voicemail. He tried text messaging, and the majority of them responded. We had to change his cell phone plan to be able to connect with the kids. This computerized, wireless culture means some odd methods of communication!!

And for those of you who are tired of all the text on this blog, here my favorite picture of the littlest skateboarder: (our youngest son)

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