Friday, August 22, 2008

Off we go!

Well, Canada time has come around again. This is the seminal Sk8church event of the summer where we take the top crop of Bible study kids across the boarder and encourage them to be Godly while we all suffer under the heavy burden of sleeping on the floor, skateboarding too much, and showering too little.

Please pray for us!!!!!!!!!
1. Safety- We are driving very far in old vans with a lot of skateboarders (a situation that strikes fear into the hearts of cops, parents, and pastors alike).
2. fellowship- What an opportunity!! Kids that I usually only see one day a week at the most will be stuck with me for hours at a time. Lets bear some fruit people!!
3. Word- Daily Bible teaching will be done by the leadership. Pray for wisdom, clarity, & conviction.

Please give!!!!!!!
My family relys soley on the giving of our supporters and the grace of GOD in order to do this trip.
If you can, kick down a few bucks to help us in this endevour to minister to Sk8church kids for a whole week.
If you can't pay, pray!!
Laurel will be posting updates all next week so you can keep up with the chaos that is the Canada trip.
God bless you real good,

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Bercik & Agatka said...

We'll be praying....for you, the kids, and those poor Canuks, eh.