Friday, July 25, 2008

Have a look at this!

I thought you all might enjoy this. It is a compilation done by Dave Smith from Skatechurch.
It is pictures from a variety of the annual Skatechurch Canada Trip. This August is the "last" one they will be taking. I say "last" because it is the third "last" trip; as the border regulations have been supposed to change to require passports and they keep changing when that will happen. When it does, Skatechurch will not be able to take the kids that have been faithful to come to weekly Bible studies up there. So we are thankful for this opportunity for discipleship for one more year!


BTW, I am very proud of myself for learning how to post this for you! It is the first time I've been able to do this. :-)

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Bercik & Agatka said...

Laurel, you're such a budding nerd. And I mean that in a good way.